You’re Invited to the Reveal the Vision Open House

By July 18, 2018 News

We invite you to join us at the Reveal the Vision Open House for a first look at the community’s draft vision and action plan.  The ForwardOP process generated thousands of ideas and unique pieces of input that have been synthesized and organized into a community vision for the future of Overland Park.  Come see, hear about, and give your feedback on what’s next for OP!

WHEN: Thursday September 27, 2018 from 6-8pm (brief remarks will begin at 6:15)
WHERE: Matt Ross Community Center, 8101 Marty Street

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  • Karen Bellmer says:

    My husband and I are long-time residents of Overland Park, living in what was (formerly) a predominently residental area around 135th and Quivira. Over the last five years, we’ve been very disappointed with the number of high-density apartments and senior living facilities that have moved into the area. In addition, there are an inordinent amount of urgent care facilities being built in this area. We are now surrounded by large apartment complexes (with more going up), senior apartments and health care facilities, strip malls, and urgent care facilities, all of which drive an increase in traffic and transient residents. There is literally no sense of character or community left in the area. We get that this is a phenominal tax base for the OP community, BUT, all the tax money seems to be spent revitalizing what I’ll call “old Overland Park” (the 75th/Metcalf area), while the rest of us have to live in the middle of high density populations with no amenities. The sense of community in this area has been completely lost, and it’s very very disappointing. Please please consider stopping the density packing of this area.

  • Barb Hodge says:

    I hope the vision does not include anymore high rises in downtown Overland Park. They look hideous, have ruined the ambiance, and are aesthetically ugly. And there’s more to come!!! It seems it all started with the ugly, out of place apartment building on the south side of 79th about Conser. It’s in a neighborhood for Pete’s sake. It looks out of place. The city asked for citizen input prior to the present high rises being built, but the council seemed to have already decided despite the citizen opposition. And it really ticks me off that an increased sales tax was approved without citizens getting to vote on it. The developers are multi-millionaires, and I doubt need any tax breaks. Where are the people going to come from to fill the monstrosities? Will 79th, 80th, or northbound Metcalf have to be shut down should heaven forbid there be a fire. Will the retail shops on the ground floors cause our wonderful existing shops and eateries out of business? Will the additional predicted tenant-foot traffic be easy pickings for outsiders with robbery on their minds, or gun-carrying people with short-tempers, whether or not inebriated, to kill some one, or many? And finally, we moved to Shawnee in 1956, then Overland Park in 1958, as a reprieve from working among the sterile high rises, feeling overwhelmed among them, and just wanting a yard, green grass, trees, and open spaces. I will remember who voted in favor of these on election day in the future. (Medical issues prevented attendance at the meetings, and a past call to our councilman and message left on his answering machine requesting he oppose the second, third, and fourth high rise went unanswered.) At least the Farmer’s Market will remain where it is. Thank you.

  • Tomasina Blake says:

    I’ll be there

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