Over 200 Attend Reveal the Vision Open House

By October 3, 2018 News

Overland Park residents of all ages participated in the Reveal the Vision Open House on Thursday September 27, 2018.

After brief introductory remarks, attendees browsed 10 display boards around the room.  The first two boards provide an introduction to the planning process, planning context, and an overview of the action agenda. The remaining boards contain 39 action items, organized by eight initiative areas.

Attendees were invited to prioritize the top five actions that they believe will have the greatest impact on Overland Park.  Because ForwardOP is a community plan, participants were also asked to suggest local organizations, institutions, or groups that should be involved in implementing the actions.  Finally, everyone who attended the Open House was given the opportunity to share feedback about specific action items and indicate if they wanted to get involved in the implementation of a particular action or initiative area.

We were especially pleased to see some of the city’s youngest generation represented at the Open House, taking part in the planning and visioning of the future of Overland Park.  Thanks to all who made the Reveal the Vision Open House a success!

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